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Have Your Say: East Lothian's Poverty Plan


We are inviting you to shape East Lothian's Plan for tackling poverty over the next three years. We promise to listen to what you tell us and shape our activities based on your experiences. We will report back on how what you have said has shaped the plan.

East Lothian Partnership’s plan to tackle poverty focuses on 4 key outcomes that focus on getting more cash in people’s pockets, living in resilient communities that are ready for the future. This includes:

• Good jobs that pay fairly, where we support people to gain the skills and training needed to find and maintain work, in flexible jobs that pay fairly.

• Enough money from benefits, our social security system should provide people with a fair income, but millions of pounds go unclaimed each year. We will support people to claim the income that they are entitled to.

• Cost of living support, daily essentials can be a financial burden that drives people into poverty. We will provide advice and support to those who are struggling with high living costs.

• Climate change ready, climate change will impact vulnerable and low income communities the hardest. We will take preventative action to protect and support these communities.