Investment projects with scope: PSG Area Partnership

Total budget £45,000

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Prestonpans Centre Management Committee - P7 Youth Group £6025

2024-04-29  •  7 comments  •  ebrown3  •  PSG Area Partnership

Prestonpans Community Centre Management Committee would like to apply for funding the P7 Youth club that runs on Wednesday evenings and has been running in some form since 1982.

The P7 transition team within the PSG area would like to continue supporting P7 children with their transition into high school and to increase involvement in the community. Last year we saw P7 pupils struggling with the changes to their normal transition to high school due to the building issues the high school faced. Alongside this, we continue to see many more children struggling with mental health, transitions and engaging positively in the community. Through the development of a P7 group we can explore these issues in a productive way and increase engagement with communities and children’s opportunities for wellbeing. 

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Longniddry in Bloom (Longniddry Community Council £2,000

2024-04-26  •  1 comment  •  MatthewHowie250  •  PSG Area Partnership

Longniddry in bloom is now in its third year, we are progressing well and have developed a great diverse group. We are now at a stage where we want to deliver on the final focus which is youth development and aldult mental health and well being. 


Patchwork EH32: Equipment renewal & venue hire £2629

2024-04-29  •  1 comment  •  ebrown3  •  PSG Area Partnership

We are seeking to replace and renew play equipment, and support venue hire costs for the period 2024-2025

Some of the team

Port Seton Centre - Walking Football £3976

2024-04-26  •  2 comments  •  Sandra Bell  •  PSG Area Partnership

The project is to support Mens and Womens Walking football including purchase clothing for the newly formed womans walking football group so the group have clothing suitable for various weather conditions.  This would allow the group to play outdoors in suitable clothing during various weather conditions.  The groups are made up of men/women of various ages, sexualities and health conditions.

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MotherBaby Together £4,775

2024-04-26  •  7 comments  •  Breastfeeding LENS  •  PSG Area Partnership

Working to enhance our existing breastfeeding support service, working with young families to increase breatfeeding rates and infant feeding education.

Working in partnership in the local area with new and exisitng networks to determine and encourage engagement of younger, low income families subject to health inequalities.

Shorelark Watercolour & Mixed Media Workshops for Well-being

Shorelark - Watercolour & Mixed Media Workshops for Well-being £2,700

2024-04-26  •  1 comment  •  Kat Healy  •  PSG Area Partnership

A series of five seasonal free watercolour and mixed-media community art workshops for well-being at the Cockenzie Hub Studio to inspire and gain a deeper sense of connection with the natural, industrial, and historical heritage of the coastal communities of the Preston Seton Gosford (PSG) area.

Pennypit Centre

Pennypit centre summer provision -Blair Drummond £1,500

2024-04-29  •  5 comments  •  ebrown3  •  PSG Area Partnership

The Pennypit Family and learning centre provide low cost to free activities for young people and families throughout the year. Over the summer period we would like to Host two trips to Blair Drummond

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Port Seton Centre - Food and Fitness £1,925

2024-04-26  •  5 comments  •  Sandra Bell  •  PSG Area Partnership

To young people access to fitness sessions suited to their need and healthy snack along with healthy eating and lifestyle advice through the support of a wellness instructor.

Rhino Sensory Trailer

PSG Galas - Inclusive activities for Autistic and Neurodiverse Children £3,000

2024-04-25  •  3 comments  •  Elaine Anderson  •  PSG Area Partnership

We aim have events and activities which are aimed specifically for children who are neurodiverse.   We appreciate that galas can be noisy and chaotic and children with a neurodiversity may find this overwhelming, therefore the events we are looking to put on are to provide them with a space to be more involved, enjoy the gala and to reduce any sensory overload,

Befriending Project

Pennypit Trust Befriending Project £4,966

2024-04-26  •  5 comments  •  The Pennypit Community Development Trust  •  PSG Area Partnership

The Pennypit Trust Befriending Project aims to improve the quality of life for vulnerable and elderly members in the community. We provide services to targeted members of the community which aims to reduce social isolation, loneliness and food insecurity and further support where necessary.