Working for Change

Voices are heard. Action is taken. A response is given.

The Working for Change Collective is an East Lothian group of people who meet together to share their stories, and make sure those with power in our communities listen and understand our experiences.

This conversation is for anyone who has ever had to go to bed early because they can't afford to put the heating on. Or has had to split a tin of beans over several days. Whether that happened years ago or yesterday, your story can make a difference to those who are currently having to make those hard choices.

Poverty is complicated and it affects everyone in different ways. By sharing how it affected you, we can help people in the Council, the NHS, and beyond, to make better informed decisions.

This is the online version of our in-person conversations. We welcome you to join in both.

We meet in person every second Wednesday of the month at the Lighthouse in Prestonpans, or use the debate function below.